Getting Started

So if you have thought about starting CrossFit but felt like you are out of shape or were intimidated by walking into a CrossFit box–well don’t be. We made it pretty simple for anyone to give CrossFit a try.

It’s important to us to get a chance to know you and pick your brain a little just to get a feel for what you are looking to get out of CrossFit, what your fitness background is, and answer any questions you may have about CrossFit, our Coaches, etc. Once you think you are ready to get started, we will enroll you into our Fundamentals class.

So what’s Fundamentals? Well, CrossFit is pretty basic on the surface. We don’t use complicated machinery,elliptical, or false promises that 30 mins a day of running will get you in awesome shape. We will introduce you to the movements that you will see time and time again in your CrossFit journey. No, you will not have to master them at first but it’s very important to us that you grasp the mechanics behind the movement and learn to pay attention to your form. CrossFit is an ongoing learning experience that we will be there to coach you through it.

So after we walk to you through a quick warm up and do some fundamentals coaching, we will have you do a quick workout that will get your heart rate going and give you a glimpse of what CrossFit is like. These workouts are very basic, using a lot of bodyweight movements, but you will be challenged and have a good time doing it.

We encourage you to bring friends, family, or spouse to give it a try. We promise we won’t hurt you and it might just be the best thing you have done¬†for yourself¬†in a while.

Shoot us an e mail at and we will connect you with a coach right away.