Our smaller class sizes allow for a hands-on coaching approach very similar to personal training. However, unlike personal training, our pricing structure offers flexibility and pricing that is sure to meet everyone’s budget. The current membership options we offer are:

  • $150/month unlimited CrossFit
  • $130/month for 3x a week
  • $110/month for 2x a week
  • $75 Fundamentals for all CrossFit Beginners
  • 25% Discount for Students/Married Couples/EMT/Firefighters/Military/Police
  • Private Coaching is available

For any person who has not been exposed to CrossFit yet, we require a 3-4 session one-on-one Fundamentals Class with one of our coaches. The Fundamentals Class is ideal to expose someone to the movements, increase their capacity before jumping into the regular workouts, and foster a solid foundation of proper mechanics. Fundamentals class is not required to join our HIIT classes.

The cost for fundamentals is set at $75 for the 3-4 sessions and will be due at the beginning of your first session. The membership will be pro-rated depending on start date in the current month.

Please contact us for more detail on pricing packages by messaging us on Facebook or contact us directly via e mail at